How does an Australian nonprofit get back to business as normal after a cyber event?

Getting back to business as normal after a cyber event can be a challenging process for any organization, including nonprofit organizations in Australia.

Here are some steps that nonprofits can take to resume operations after a cyber event:

Restore critical systems:

Nonprofits should prioritize restoring critical systems and data first.

This may involve rebuilding or repairing IT systems and data backups.

Conduct security assessments:

Nonprofits should conduct security assessments to identify any vulnerabilities and ensure that security measures are up to date.

This may involve hiring a cybersecurity expert to perform an assessment or using a security software tool.

Communicate with stakeholders:

Nonprofits should communicate with stakeholders, including donors, partners, and staff, about the incident and its impact.

This can help maintain trust and transparency with the organization’s supporters and minimize reputational damage.

Review response plan and policies:

Nonprofits should review their response plan and policies to identify areas for improvement.

This can include revising the response plan to address any weaknesses identified during the incident.

Provide training and education:

Nonprofits should provide ongoing training and education to staff to ensure they are aware of the latest cyber threats and know how to prevent future incidents.

Monitor systems:

Nonprofits should monitor their IT systems and data for any unusual activity or anomalies.

This can help identify potential security incidents before they become major problems.

Review insurance coverage:

Nonprofits should review their insurance coverage to ensure they have adequate coverage in the event of a future cyber incident.

Recovering from a cyber event can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Nonprofits can benefit from seeking advice and assistance from cybersecurity experts and regulatory authorities to ensure they are taking appropriate steps to resume operations and prevent future incidents.

By taking proactive steps to prevent cyber incidents and being prepared to respond if an incident occurs, nonprofits can minimize the impact of cyber threats and continue to fulfill their mission.

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