How does/would an Australian nonprofit organisation know what happened in a cyber event?

When a nonprofit organization in Australia experiences a cyber event, it is essential to determine what happened and how the incident occurred.

This process is known as a post-incident analysis or investigation.

Here are some steps that nonprofits can take to determine what happened in the event of a cyber event:

Identify the cause:

Nonprofits should work to identify the cause of the cyber event, including whether it was the result of a human error, a technical vulnerability, or a malicious attack.

This may involve reviewing system logs and other data sources.

Analyze the impact:

Nonprofits should analyze the impact of the cyber event, including what data was compromised, what systems were affected, and what operational and financial losses were incurred.

Collect evidence:

Nonprofits should collect evidence related to the cyber event, including system logs, network traffic data, and any other relevant data sources.

This evidence can be used to determine the cause of the incident and identify potential culprits.

Conduct a root cause analysis:

Nonprofits should conduct a root cause analysis to determine the underlying cause of the cyber event.

This may involve reviewing policies and procedures, as well as conducting interviews with staff.

Review security measures:

Nonprofits should review their security measures to identify any weaknesses or gaps in their defenses that may have contributed to the cyber event.

Make improvements:

Nonprofits should take steps to improve their security measures and response plan to prevent future cyber events.

Document findings:

Nonprofits should document their findings and any remediation efforts taken to prevent future incidents.

This documentation can be used to demonstrate due diligence and compliance with regulations.

Nnonprofits can work out what happened in the event of a cyber event by identifying the cause, analyzing the impact, collecting evidence, conducting a root cause analysis, reviewing security measures, making improvements, and documenting findings.

By taking a systematic approach to investigating cyber events, nonprofits can learn from the incident and take steps to prevent future incidents.

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