Managed Business Security

Managed Business Security is not only about protecting the organisation.   Good business security makes a organisation more agile. It give the organisation the ability to react while staying protected against a cyber event.

Business security is all about defining the business risk and calculated the business risk appetite to ensure that the organisation can hit its business targets of revenue and profit.   Factoring in a cyber event will change your perspective!

But it is your business, you are the one who decides, in the end, the risk appetite of your organisation.   You can listen to advice, but it is still your choice on how you protect your organisation.

How often has your organisation made the following statements:

  • Our security is not a problem because the IT people are looking after that!
  • All of our data is in the cloud so it is their problem!
  • We are not big enough to warrant a targeted attack!

A breach of your organisation, whether it is a dedicated attack by a nation-state or cybercrime organisation, or a simple viral attack delivered by a spear-phishing email, can have severe repercussions.   The impact can include, loss of revenue, loss of reputation, loss of jobs and in a worst-case scenario going out of business.

The questions that you have to ask are many and diverse so we have put together a digital diagnostic tool that will ask all of the right questions and give you a report based on your answers.   

The report “Your Business Security Report” will be delivered to your inbox once you have completed the simple yes/no answers to the 47 questions.

Click on this link to go to the diagnostic tool