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At CareMIT, we excel in providing top-tier Managed IT Support and Managed IT Services in Canberra, specifically designed to meet the unique demands of your business. Our proactive, comprehensive approach to IT and security management ensures your infrastructure is not only robust and secure but also aligned with your business objectives, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations with complete peace of mind.

Our distinctive ACTION plan is the cornerstone of our strategy, enabling us to meticulously Assess your requirements, Create a bespoke solution, Test your systems for optimal performance, Implement the strategy seamlessly, Oversee the outcomes for maximum efficiency, and Navigate through future IT challenges to ensure ongoing development and improvement.

In the fast-paced, ever-changing digital environment of today, maintaining an agile, efficient, and secure IT framework is paramount. At CareMIT, we recognize the complexities involved in managing IT infrastructures while focusing on business expansion. As your dedicated MSP/MSSP ally, our mission is to alleviate the IT management burden, transforming potential tech stressors into strategic opportunities.

Our process kicks off with a thorough Assessment of your current IT ecosystem, followed by the Creation and Testing of a solution that's tailor-made to fit your business's unique needs. Once we've fine-tuned the solution, we proceed to Implement it and continuously Oversee its performance to ensure your IT and security systems are at their peak.

But our commitment doesn't end there; we proactively Navigate through future IT challenges to foster continuous enhancement and adaptation. By partnering with CareMIT for your IT and security management, you're free to focus on what's most important: scaling your business.

We're dedicated to providing proactive solutions that not only maintain your IT infrastructure but actively contribute to your business's momentum, ensuring your data is fortified against the latest security threats. With CareMIT, IT becomes not just a necessity but a strategic asset.

Embrace the tranquility and productivity that comes with expertly managed technology. Choose CareMIT for a smoother, more secure, and efficient digital journey. Let's redefine your IT experience together.

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Giving Back

By working with Care MIT Pty Ltd you are helping to give back to the world community.

Running a business for almost 2 decades takes a special kind of person, someone who can delegate, manage, be inclusive and give back.  Care MIT Pty Ltd is more than a business, it’s a team and a family which extends to our clients too.   As part of the Care MIT family, in November 2021 we joined B1G1 – Business for Good; to help make a difference while doing what we normally do.

If you are a client then every time that you pay our bill on time we donate 5 hours' worth of technical support and internet access to students in Uganda.

Not a client yet - If you become a client we provide 5 days' worth of shelter to disadvantaged and disaster-affected communities anywhere in the world.

Your managed IT support and cybersecurity provider should allow you to increase revenue, change direction as required and increase productivity.

Does Yours?

Are they are telling you that the only way to be secure is to do it their way.

If they have reduced your business uniqueness and you are just another business clone then you need a new Managed IT Support and cybersecurity provider.

We have a limited number of FREE 57-point third-party system audits.

They can be used to identify any problems associated with your business infrastructure and security posture.

Care MIT works with owners, managers, C Suit executives and board members who want to protect the organisation from a cyber incident, who understand that they need expert help and are committed to making an impact on their community.

We have developed the cybersecurity ACTION Plan for nonprofit organisations and SMEs.

Holistic security allows management teams to understand the importance of asset management, implementing controls and management features, create a positive environment for their teams, understand why they need to ensure all systems are integrated correctly, have the operational resilience to bounce back and be able to implement innovation as it becomes viable.

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Whether you are looking for a done-for-you solution to cybercrime or need help with your onsite team, Care MIT is passionate about implementing the correct security in-depth solution to suit your needs.

At Care MIT we design managed IT Support and cybersecurity solutions to protect your organisation that allows your organisation to prosper but are not based on tick-box compliance and governance.

I am Roger Smith, your Virtual CISO

In 2011 I was a target of cybercrime.

It was an eye-opening experience since I had been in IT for almost 20 years.

It highlighted to me that if I knew IT and I was targeted what do normal people know to protect themselves.

I learned how cybercriminals work and used that information to develop what Care MIT does today.

Protect our client's businesses against the cyber criminal.

Cybersecurity does not have to be hard.

Cybersecurity is all about staying that one step in front of the cybercriminal.

To do that you have to be proactive.

To do that you have to be focused on the little things.

To do that you need a cybersecurity A.C.T.I.O.N Plan.

We help you navigate the complexity of the digital world by implementing tried and true cybersecurity strategies that not only protect your organisation but allow it to pivot as required, increase revenue and be resilient to the cyber-criminal.

Cybersecurity can be done by you with our help and framework or it can be done by us using all of the tools and skills that have been developed over the last 10 years.


How do you know if your business security is working?

Most business people measure the success of security as "we have not had a cyber event   ----   YET"

This is bad thinking because of the way the cyber criminal works in today's digital world.

To counteract the cybercriminal you need to be able to do a number of things:

  • Identify and protect your assets.
  • Implement controls and management requirements for the business.
  • Give your team the tools and capability to know what to do if they see something out of order.
  • Have systems that integrate and communicate with each other and also with the human concerned.
  • Be resilient so that the organisation can bounce back but also record what they did.
  • Be able to incorporate cutting edge innovation as it becomes available

The cybersecurity A.C.T.I.O.N. Plan is all about addressing these requirements

Care MIT is not your average business security agency

What makes Care MIT so remarkable?

  1. We will go the extra mile to make sure that our clients are as secure as can be.

  2. We ensure all of our clients have a tested and proven way to get back to business as normal as fast as possible.

  3. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to all our clients on everything we do.

  4. We contribute to bringing other communities into the digital world and helping those communities to be safe.

  5. We guarantee that you will be 10 times more secure from a digital attack than you were before you became a client


Our ideal clients are "not-for-profit organisations, associations, charities and small and medium businesses" that want to.

  1. Allow their resources to go further in protecting their organisation.

  2. Have a systematic way of implementing and managing security requirements.

  3. Increase their capability to survive a cyber event.

  4. Work within a cybersecurity framework that increases security but saves money and decreases the chance of a cyber event


To register for your free 57 point business infrastructue and cybersecurity audit, complete the following form and we will organize a convenient time.