Enhanced Cybersecurity for non profits

Enhanced Cybersecurity for Non Profit Organisations

Enhanced Cybersecurity for non profit organisations – What is it?Enhanced Cybersecurity for non profit organisation is the process of improving the organisations security capability by more than 100%

Enhanced Cybersecurity for non profit organisation is the process of improving the organisations security capability by more than 100%

There are three levels of cybersecurity.

Level 1 – Do nothing and hope for the best.


Level 2 – i\Implement the essential 8 and additional basic cybersecurity features. This is done by IT people and managed service providers as part of their cybersecurity offering. A great place to start but more is needed.

Level 3 – Build on level 2 and create an enhanced security environment that includes better and faster ways to recover, more effective ways of protection and easier and better ways to manage the cybersecurity environment.

Why do I need Enhanced Cybersecurity for my nonprofit organisation?

Nonprofit organisations, associations and charities are a prize target of cybercriminals.

You have to do everything possible to avoid exposing your systems, clients, customers and staff information and data to the cybercriminals

As a nonprofit organisation, you have additional compliance and regulatory requirements and if a breach occurs it can severely impact your revenue flow, morale and reputation

What is involved in Enhanced Cybersecurity?

The easiest way to be a victim of cybercrime is to think that you are too small to be a target or you have nothing worth stealing!

You may also think that you are secure and if you have implemented level 2 security you have just moved above everyone else in your industry.

The next step is to make it so hard for the cybercriminal to exploit your system that you become the envy of your industry.

To do that you need to increase your cybersecurity capability.

How does enhanced cybersecurity benefit my organisation?

Building an enhanced cybersecurity system to protect your non profit organisation ensures that it is built on the basics that have been implemented.


How do you stop – Viruses, Spam, Hackers, System Crashes, Error Messages, Pop-Ups And A Never-Ending Stream of Problems, Costs And Aggravation…

Your Computer Network Needs Our Help!

Why Care Managed IT Enhanced Cybersecurity

One contact to help protect your network

Cybersecurity is a complex and difficult process.

You need someone to be on the end of a phone, or email or will come into your office for a discussion that is not going to cost you.

Our enhanced security is one cost, once negotiated, and remains at that cost and includes all work

A trusted network security advisor

In the cybersecurity space, you need a partner that you can trust.

One that will not sugar coat the problems, will give you advice that is not based on kickbacks from venders, and that will make your environment secure and never stop securing it.

Predictable and affordable

Care Managed IT’s enhanced security package allows for a predictable and affordable cost in 1 monthly payment.

We implement the components of the security package as a standard.

Unparalleled expertise

Care Managed IT has a number of people who are on boards.

They lecture at UNSW, CIT and EC university.

They are also authors of a number of books.

Visibility and compliance

Part of the process to enhance cybersecurity within your business is that you will see us.

We do not hide behind phones and email.

We are available not just in the support role but also in the CISO capability.

Security that grows with your business

Cybersecurity is a driver for good business.

If you get larger or shrink then cybersecurity paradigm will remain the same.

Lets Talk about Enhanced Cybersecurity

What you get with the Care Managed IT enhanced Cybersecurity Pack

Enhanced Anti Virus

This addition to your end point protecting improves the detection and removal capability and makes is significantly harder to be infected with malware. No matter what end point protection you are using this makes it more effective and efficient

Additional multi Factor authentication

Want to be able to log onto systems without using the outdated log on processes of username and password. This system makes it all possible. It creates a more robust business environment

Enhanced ransomware recovery

Utilising newly available technology to create a secure recovery path for ransomware. This augments your image based back up and off site backup. it decreases the recovery time for a cyber event.

File protection

An integrated version control system for files that allows your organisation to recover accidentally overwritten files and folders. You will wonder how you lived without it.

Intrusion detection and reporting

If the cybercriminal is inside your organisation you need to know where they are, what they had access to and what did they try to remove. In real time and the additional ability for machine learning.

Log data analytics
Capturing the logs and working information for a business can create issues without the right system. This systems allows for real time alerts but also forensic capabilities.
Easily managed whitelisting

Whitelisting gives your organisation the ability to stop people from accidentally downloading and installing malware from a website. It allows an organisation to set and maintain a standard operating environment for the business.

Vulnerability detection mediation and scanning

A regular irregular scan of all systems to discover, highlight and then mediate vulnerabilities removes the capability of the bad guys to gain access to your organisation.

Cloud system security monitoring

Monitoring cloud access to your information is relatively hard. This allows an organisation to monitor basic and complex requirements to reduce the chance of your software as a service from being compromised.

Awareness training and education

To change the culture in an organisation to a security and protection attitude takes decent and comprehensive awareness training. Cybersecurity is everyone job within every organisation.

Not ready yet?

Free Cybersecurity Audit

With the assistance of scoreapp.com we have developed a 30-question personal baseline audit that will help you identify some areas of your organization where there could be technical and security issues.


Even if you aren’t ready to make a change right now, this report will give you important questions you should ask your current IT person to make sure their policies, procedures and service standards won’t leave you vulnerable to expensive problems, lost data, viruses, hacker attacks and a host of other

You can complete your personal audit here at https://action.scoreapp.com.

You will receive your personalized report in your inbox within 10 minutes.

The personalized report is based on your answers to the 30 questions.


Free Cybersecurity Webinar

Not for profit organisations, associations and charities are high probability targets of cyber criminals.
Current implemented security solutions are often inadequate leaving your organisation exposed to the devastating effects of a cyber breach.
Better hardware, software and system-based security tools can be costly, perplexing, complicated and can have a huge impact on revenue.
But you cannot secure an organisation unless you know what you are securing.
If you are a manager, owner, C suite executive or board member and need a better understanding in cybersecurity then the Care MIT cybersecurity ACTION plan webinar will change all of that.
It focuses on 6 important areas of business security.
Your Assets
Your controls
Your team
Integrated systems
Operational resilience and
Next generation innovation
If you come to the regularly free weekly webinar to learn about the Care MIT cybersecurity ACTION Plan you will see how it delivers cybersecurity within a framework that is easy to follow and effective in reducing cyber events.

Free Cybersecurity Chat

This is your time.
This is all about you.
How often do you get a chance to ask questions about your security requirements without having to reach into your bank account.
This is a 30 minute discovery session based on your issues, systems and protection requirements.
We will discuss your business requirements around your priorities.
This session can be used to identify some of the risks to your organisation and once identified how to mitigate them through a number of security systems.
It is recommended that you have completed the scorecard and been to the webinar before you book this meeting.
This discussion is based on your organisation and focuses on your business outcomes.
It is designed that you keep your unique business outlook and will help build your business security roadmap.