Compliance-as-a-service is the first step you need to take to make sure your business complies with industry governance.

Let's talk about compliance-as-a-service and discuss your cybersecurity compliance and governance requirements.


Over the last couple of weeks, I have been looking into the new Australian compliance requirements for our clients.

The one thing about compliance is that everyone seems to think that it is a once-a-year process - tick the boxes and then file it away for next year.

It is not, it is a continuous ongoing process to stop the bad guys.

If like some of our clients, you happen to be designated critical infrastructure, then you have to do more.

That critical infrastructure designation comes with some serious business requirements.

Blow your compliance requirements and not only are you fighting the bad guy to get back to business as normal but you also have the bureaucracy to worry about.

You face the breach reporting requirement, the possible government fine for not doing enough to protect your organisation from a cyber event, the additional credit protection requirements and the possible realization that the cyber insurance that you bet the farm on is not going to come through.

Compliance is not easy!

Compliance is not set and forget!

Compliance is ongoing

Understanding cybersecurity compliance requires 3 areas of expertise:

👉 What do you look like from the cybercriminals perspective? 👈

What will the consistent vulnerability scanning, persistent hacking, open source intelligence gathering and readily available information tell the cyber criminal about your business? Can it be used against you?

You need systems that are doing exactly the same things as the cyber criminals so that you can mitigate issues before they are used against you.

👉 Can you see what a cybercriminal is doing if they get inside? 👈

If they do breach your organisation perimeter would you be able to report on what they did, where they went, what data they accessed and have they infected it or copied it! More importantly would you have a way back to business as normal?

You need systems that look internally and give real-time information and alerts to teams with the expertise to stop them, redirect them or block them.

👉 Do our staff have the right attitude to cybercrime? 👈

Are you staff aware of what they need to do to keep the organisation secure? Do you have a culture of better security for the business?

You need to implement awareness training (more than once a year) including competitions and gamification.

It is ensuring that internal systems are visible and reportable, that people are trained and educated and when the whole thing goes to custard that you have a way back from the precipice of bankruptcy.


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