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Why the hell do we need exotic passwords?

Passwords, our passport to the cyber and digital realm

For a business, password management is a major headache.

As a business you have to get people to understand that passwords are essential and good passwords are critical to protecting data, systems and people.

Last episode we focused on the dreaded password

  • Where did they come from
  • Why do we use them,
  • Why they are important for protecting your stuff
  • What they are made up of and what not to use.

This episode of the Just the basics - Ask Roger we will focus on the addition of a third level of protection around your internet-based sites and services

Access to every account has a username and password - who you are and what you know

The third layer is what you have and that is called multi-factor authentication or 2-factor authentication

In the same area is also the wonderful capture system.

Username and password and now prove that you are human by answering this little puzzle - traffic light, hills which animal is the right way up.

Then there is the next one - how can a tick in a box prove that I am not a robot?

So this episode we are going to focus on 2 factor, multi-factor authentication and captcha