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FREE weekly 60 Minute A.C.T.I.O.N Plan webinar for C level execs, managers, owners and board members of not for profits, charities, associations and SMEs

The best security outcome for today's business world is to ensure that you are not a target of a random attack.

Business security is holistic and is based on proactive solutions. If you are reacting to a cyber event then you are already in a bad place.

This 60—75 minute webinar is based on a holistic solution to business security.

It explains what the cybercriminal is capable of and incorporates 6 security principles

  • Assets
  • Controls and management
  • Team and help your troops
  • Integrated systems
  • Operational resilience
  • Next-generation innovation

This 60-minute webinar that we run every Friday  @ 1030 explains how all of these components work together to create a holistic approach called "security in depth".

The technology requirements are there but they are not the main driving component of the solution.

There is a significant difference between your ICT team managing security and a security team protecting your organisation and it assets.

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Measure your security to see where you need to improve

Before you go off half-cocked you need a baseline.

The first step to understanding your business security is to find a way to measure what you know and do not know.

This is not a contest!

Although every organisation is required to understand what security is in place, how your data is being protected,  who has access to it, what systems are in place and also understand the need to be able to get back to business as normal as fast as possible, not many organisation have it under control.

This 30 question scorecard will give you an indication of where your security is good and where your security is not so good.

The questions are all yes/no/maybe or true/false/maybe responses.

Within 10 minutes of your completing the questions, you get a 10—20 page report based solely on your responses to the questions..

The report gives you additional information on what you need to do to make the organisation more secure.



Free 30 minute discovery session—what are your problems—discuss

This is your time.  This is all about you.

How often do you get a chance to ask questions about your security requirements without having to reach into your bank account?

This is a 30-minute discovery session based on your issues, systems and protection requirements.

To ensure that we can talk about your most sensitive information we will even sigh a non disclosure agreement (NDA).

We will discuss your business requirements around your priorities, your business systems and your risk appetite.

This session can be used to identify some of the more noticeable risks to your organisation that you may have not thought about.

Once identified we will help you work out how to mitigate them through a number of processes including transferring the risk, accepting the risk, reducing the risk and removing it altogether.

This discussion is based on your organisation and focuses on your business outcomes.

It is designed that you keep your unique business outlook and capabilities.

It will help build your business security roadmap based on your requirements.

It is recommended that before you allocate time for this process that you have completed the scorecard and also watched the Friday webinar.

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Downloads, Guides and help

The following checklists, guides and help are available for free - No data collection.

Just go to this page and download your PDF:

Cybersecurity checklist: A list of things that every not for profit, charity, association or Smal and medium business should be doing to protect themselves from the cybercriminal

Cyber Hygiene: What should you be doing in the digital world to ensure that you are not infecting everyone else? This should help you focus on your business security requirements.

Cyber insurance checklist: If you have applied for Cyber Insurance. That is only the start. Here is a list of things that you have to do to ensure that you can make a claim when everything is going to hell.

Ransomware Checklist: Think you are immune to a ransomware attack? If you have not done the following things then you are in for a really bad ride.

Why you need a virtual CISO: The business world has changed. You need someone on your side that is well versed in what you need to do, how to protect your crown jewels and to understand what the bad guys can do. A better and cost-effective alternative to an onboard/on staff CISO

The elderly and retiree cybersecurity checklist: We put this together as a basic start to protecting information if you are retired.

Cybersecurity for startups: Your next great idea is just a short hop from it being someone elses. Have you taken precautions to ensure it is safe and secure from theft.

Cyber Hygiene for Small Business: Hygiene is all about protecting not only yourself but others from an infection or disease. Cyber Hygiene is the same - protecting your systems and user so that they protect others.


The old persons take on protecting your stuff


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Episode 4: Privacy - Stop putting your information out there (coming soon) Video     Audio

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Episode 1: Why the hell do we need exotic passwords? (coming soon) Video     Audio

Episode 2: Why we need to embrace multi-factor and 2-factor authentication. (coming soon) Video     Audio

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