Ransomware has increased by 80% in the last 12 months.

Ransomware has increased by 80% in the last 12 months.

The chance of you and your business being a victim of cybercrime has increased by 60% in that same period.

Our ability to stop the onslaught is becoming less and less effective.

We need a new way!

We need a better way!

Do you know what is working?

More importantly, do you know what is not and what you need to do to improve

Are you using solutions, not components?

Solutions, not technology!

There are four truths in protecting your stuff.

  • You have to be proactive!
  • Security will cost more money, resources and capabilities than you think and budgeted for
  • If you do not start you will never be secure.
  • It is a continuous process – never stop!

It is vital for all orgnisations to look at protecting their stuff as an integral part of the business’s survival!

Don’t believe me, have you played the “what if…” game, have you invested in solutions.

Is your cybersecurity effective against cybercrime?

Just because you are not a statistic – yet, means that you still need to invest in being more secure.

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