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Cybersecurity checklist: 

A list of things that every not for profit, charity, association or Smal and medium business should be doing to protect themselves from the cybercriminal


Cyber Hygiene:

What should you be doing in the digital world to ensure that you are not infecting everyone else?

This should help you focus on your business security requirements.

Cyber insurance checklist: 

If you have applied for Cyber Insurance.

That is only the start.

Here is a list of things that you have to do to ensure that you can make a claim when everything is going to hell.

Ransomware Checklist: 

Think you are immune to a ransomware attack?

If you have not done the following things then you are in for a really bad ride.

Why you need a virtual CISO: 

The business world has changed.

You need someone on your side that is well versed in what you need to do, how to protect your crown jewels and to understand what the bad guys can do.

A better and cost-effective alternative to an onboard/on staff CISO

Cyber Hygiene for business: (coming soon)

We have used hygiene on purpose.

Personal hygiene is our responsibility so that those around us can not be infected with a disease because of something that you have done or not done.

This is the digital version of brushing our teeth and having a regular shower.


Cybersecurity for startups:

You have developed the next great thing.

It is going to make Google, Facebook and Amazon look like they were not even trying.

You have spoken to an accountant and you have legally protected your business, your family and yourself.


Cybersecurity for the elderly and retired.

The elderly and retired have been forced into the use of digital devices.

In most cases, you have had to take that leap and invest in a smart device, computer or tablet.

The cybercriminal is waiting for you to make a mistake.