Cybercrime – You can’t win a fight if you don’t know the rules

Cybercrime – You can’t win a fight if you don’t know the rules

Most of us do not know the rules when it comes to the digital space.

We assume that what applies in the real world is what we should live by in the digital space.

This is an assumption that will get you into a lot of trouble.

Here are four areas everyone needs to keep in mind when using a digital device.

Who you are!

You know who you are.

In the digital space you do not want to talk about who you are to people you have never met.

We assume that most people are like us, in the digital world that assumption will cause irrefutable damage.

In the digital world only talk in generalities, not specifics.

What you talk about!

To connect to people you are told that you have to talk about feelings and personal attitudes.

For some that can be difficult.

If you need to talk to that personal level learn to hide the information behind other things.

Why you can lie!

We have been programmed to tell the truth, some people can and some people cannot.

Some people have major issues with lying.

I work on the principle, in the digital world, to lie where possible.

In your profile you cannot lie on government websites, medical websites and other sites where the real information is required.

When faced with the request for information learn to lie.

Make up a date of birth, license number, passport number.

If you think that the site does not need that information or the information is never going to be checked against real data – just lie.


Just like fight club, do not talk about fight club, when it comes to the digital world, lying is a necessary evil.

It is a matter of trust and to tell you the truth, from someone working in the the industry, I trust no one on the internet.

I have people that I know who I trust implicitly, I know they would do anything just like I would do anything for them.

In the digital world I do not trust their avatar.

Even if I have verified them I still do not trust them.

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