Cybersecurity is everyone’s job.

When it comes to protecting organisations, the biggest vulnerability is the staff.

In this error of persistent cyber threats, an organisation can be secured only with active participation from everybody.

Unfortunately, many organisations, small and medium enterprises, not-for-profit organisations and charities limit the security responsibilities to the designated security personnel that are perceived to be the people who would understand the security functions.

Effective security must be enterprise-wide, involve everybody in fulfilling security capabilities and be aware of the requirements to protect the data and information.

Everybody with an organisation from the newest employee to the executive suite holds the capability and the power to not only help the organisation but to also harm it severely. Get your

This guide outlines what each of us should do to protect our organisations based on the type of work we all do.

Benefits of this guide

This guide breaks down your role and job requirements and what functions you need to address within that role.

All roles both technical and non-technical have a requirement to secure critical information and systems.

This guide provides essential must-do guidance in simple language.

This guide turns our greatest vulnerability, its people, into an asset.

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