Presented by Roger Smith

Security does not have to be an expense it can allow your organisation to pivot, adapt and improve as well as be secure for the future.

In this 3 hour workshop you will develop a 12 stage process that builds a secure business environment.

In this boardroom seminar / webinar - we get tactical and we get practical.   It is hands on!

I use a lot of case studies, best practice and questions from the group.

I keep it limited to 20 people.   

It is designed to be interactive.

So bring your business security challenges and lets see if we can help you improve the security and capabilty around your business.

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Every business needs to be a secure business! How do you get there?

You are a target!

If you want to do business in today's digital business world then you need to connect to the internet.

No matter the size of your organisation once you connect you are a target.

You need to protect your business assets, people and revenue. How do you do that?

My IT have my back!

Do They?

Delegating business security to your ICT department or managed service provider does not remove the risk or impact of a cyber event.

Unless you have allocated them the training, capability and resources, in most cases they are too busy to focus on security.

We do not know where to start!

Business security is not the forte of most business operations.

You have a skill set that you use to bring in new clients, increase revenue and hopefully make more profit.

Your expertise and capability is not in building a secure business because that is not where your skill are.

Ideal for 6-7 figure business owners, consultants, C level executives, board members and management teams



Get strategic, boost profits, attract opportunity and stop gambling on your business by mastering the 6 important components of business security.

Understand the risk.

Isolate the risks and use the components of this method to reduce the business risk to the organisation

Policy & Compliance

Implement policy, process, procedures and plans to ensure a secure business environment

People & Education

Your front line is your staff but they need to know what to look for and understand that they are the front line.

Technology & Frameworks

Implement the right technology and use best practice to protect the organisation with a flexible framework

Resilience & Detection

When they get in you need to be back to business ASAP. can you do that? once back to business, what happened?

Continuous Improvement

Change is part of everything we do in business.   A method that does not change will be useless withing 12 months.

Want to become more secure, stable and able to react to adverse situations?

Vanity metrics, supplied by non security people, will always detrimentally impact your business.

This seminar helps you understand what you need to be more secure in todays business world.

Adrian Tatham


We just did not know what we did not know. Clarity, action and a way forward made our business more secure."

The Late Walt Heuer Director @ Alacrity

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Our Story

CareMIT is an organisation that is owned and managed by 2 ex military people (RAAF and RAN) and that definitely shows in the way they do business.   They are both passionate about what they do and that is reflected in why the organisation works.   "We care because you care" is the motto that's instilled on staff and clients alike.

They both realized in the last 10 years that security, especially business security and protecting organisations was getting away from the most important people, the people at the top.   The managers, C Level executives, owners and board members were getting lax and unresponsive about their responsibility.   Their understanding when it comes to the security requirements around their organisations was exposing them to undiscovered risk.

For the people at the top it is not enough to delegate your digital security to the ICT department or managed service provider (MSP) without having a complete understanding of your expectations and business requirements and also their capabilities to implement strategic solutions.

When it comes to security, delegation of the authority to secure the organisation has to be tempered with an understanding that you, the person at the top, is still in the firing line.    If and when something goes wrong it is still your responsibility.    Sorry but the buck stops with you!

If you tie this in with compliance and governance requirements and a simple cyber event can turn your organisation into a smoldering wreck with far reaching repercussions.

We work to see that never happens to you.