Managed Service Provider

Is your core business suffering because your ICT keeps failing?

Technology is an integral part of every business and when it does not work then your business will suffer.   If you have internal support for your ICT, your technology or your digital or you have already invested in an external provider there are several questions that you need to ask.   When it comes to the external provider:

  • Do you get charged for anything apart from the monthly fee?
  • How often do you see one of their staff or technicians in the office or do you only talk to them or email them?
  • Have they installed a remote management and monitoring tool in every system that people are using so that they can, in an emergency, get to the system?
  • Have they taken the time to find out what your business requirements are, or do they assume that you are the same as everyone else?
  • Have they sat down with you and worked through your business requirements for the next couple of years and given you a strategy for budgeting for those requirements?
  • Have they done a complete technology and business audit of your organisation?
  • Have they supplied a virtual CIO, CDO and CSO to your organisation to help you make business-based decisions concerning your business?
  • Are there additional costs outside the purchase of hardware and software?

Managed service providers are not all the same.  

If you want an organisation to CARE for your organisation you must ask the right questions and the answers should give you a sense of relief and that the external support organisation has your best interest at heart.

Audit Your Environment

Our staff will spend a day of orientation to understand what the company has and what they need to know about its prior problems.

Our pricing is integrated with industry best management / monitoring tools, fantastic customer service, and an overall positive experience which in turn creates an environment of success and smooth business continuity for all our business partners.

CareMIT will ensure that decisions made in consultation with our business partners, allow the business to focus away from computers, servers, printers and all other IT without wasting your budget.