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Merry Christmas to all.
We have prepared a number of resources for you to get stuck into over your break to ensure that next year you are not a victim of cybercrime.

All Free and all useful

The Basics of Business Information Security

The relationship between business, security, technology and the internet can, at times, be rocky, especially for a small or medium business or a not for profit organisation.
There are no hard and fast rules for the management of your information in your business.
Yes there are best practices but the implementation and the understanding of them are as unique as the business itself. In the enterprise world, one best practice for one business may restrict another business capability in its niche market.
This does not stop the larger IT organisations from trying to implement broad ranging best practice across all of their clients

Cybercrime - A Clear and Present Danger

Unfortunately no one wants to spend money on Cyber Security and cybercrime prevention until there is a breach, then it is an open check book, spend what you want and in a number of
cases everything and anything is purchased under this issue.

Here are a couple of facts:
−The government does not have the resources to protect you against hackers and the havoc they can cause. There are far more hackers than government agents and law enforcement experts, so you have to protect yourself.
− Cyber security requires a proactive approach, not simply defensive

Time to take some A.C.T.I.O.N and develop your cybersecurity ACTION plan.

Join the FREE weekly ACTION plan webinar

What we will touch upon:

~ Essential 8

~ Basic security requirements for all organisations

~ Asset and Risk management and where to start

~ Controls and management.

~ Team management.

~ Integrated systems.

~ Operational resilience

~ Next Gen Innovation

Who should attend?

~ Managers of non-profit organisations

~ Board members of Charities

~ C suite executives of Associations

~ Owners of small and medium enterprise

Do the A.C.T.I.O.N Score

The first step to understanding your business security and developing an ACTION plan is to find a way to measure what you know and do not know.

This is not a contest!

Although every organisation is required to understand what security is in place, how your data is being protected,  who has access to it, what systems are in place and also understand the need to be able to get back to business as normal as fast as possible , not many organisation have it under control.

These 30 questions will deliver to your inbox an ACTION report based on your answers and will give you an indication of where your security is good and where your security is not so good.

Organize a 1:1 Discovery session

This is your time.

This is all about you.

How often do you get a chance to ask questions about your security requirements without having to reach into your bank account.

This is a 30 minute discovery session based on your issues, systems and protection requirements.

We will discuss your business requirements around your priorities.

This session can be used to identify some of the risks to your organisation and once identified how to mitigate them through a number of security systems.

It is recommended that you have completed the scorecard and been to the webinar before you book this meeting.

This discussion is based on your organisation and focuses on your business outcomes.

It is designed that you keep your unique business outlook and will help build your business security roadmap.