CareMIT Business Security Diagnostic Tool and Report

The CareMIT Digital Diagnostic Tool and report benchmarks your organisations ability to protect your data, people and clients. It gives a comprehensive overview of what you have in place and what needs to be improved to protect your organisation.

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The Business Security Digital Diagnostic Tool

Business security does not require the ability to predict the future

The digital world is an integral part of all businesses.   Today’s organisations  need to include the ability to future proof your data, systems and security. 

The Business Security Digital Diagnostic Tool

Adrain T

We knew straight after we had completed the Busiuness Security Diagnostic Tool and read the report that we needed to do a lot more than what we were already doing to protect the organisation.

The report laid out what we needed to do and gave us the impetus to actually look at cybersecurity differently.

Walt H

No one ever told us how vulnerable we were to a cyber attack.

We completed the Business Security Diagnostic Tool and discovered that we had a large number of discrepancies between where we were and where we should be.

Think you are immune - think again!

The scorecard will measure you against the following Business Security Requirements

Risk and Compliance

You cannot protect your organisation without understanding the risks that could impact your organisation.

Those risk have to be discussed, acknowledged and mitigated before you can implement any changes to business security.

Understanding the risks to the organisation is the first step in business security.

Policy and Governance

Implementing policies is an important component of business security.

It allows the organisation to specify what, where and how data, people and client information will be protected and managed.

From good policies good governance will come. What policies, processes and procedures does your organisation need?


People and Education

Your staff are your vanguard of your protection.

If your staff are trained to recognize threats and vulnerabilities and they have better knowledge of the strategies and tactics of social engineering then they will protect your organisation.

They have to be educated to ensure that happens.


Technology and Frameworks

When it comes to business security technology is usually the first and only consideration of most organisations.

Yes technology and especially frameworks are an integral part of business security they are also only a small part of the protection of an organization.

The right technology is important but so is the rest of the system.


Resilience and detection


When it comes to business security and the digital components of the organisation there is always a chance that a cyber event will occur.

This component looks at how to detect an attack as well as how to recover from an attack is such a way as to be back to business as normal as fast as possible.


Continious Improvement


Business security is not set and forget.

It is a continuous process to ensure that the organisation is protected from a cyber event as much as possible but also allowing the organisation to focus on its core business.

Continuous improvement allows the organisation to leverage the true capability of the business security framework.

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The Business Security Digital Diagnostic Tool