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Have you been told that technology is the solution to your cybersecurity problem!

What is needed to secure your organisation is a holistic solution to the problem that includes technology.

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You're a legend in my view, your insights are brilliant and your helpfulness in such a challenging topic is outstanding. :-)
Dixie C

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Like the 100+ organisations that we have saved from a fate worse than death, we can help you get more out of your systems by making them more safe, stable and secure.

Why you need to be more secure in todays digital world.

Roger is not only incredibly smart when it comes to all areas of cyber security but is the one person I turn to if anything seems odd, or worse if I sense that trouble is afoot in terms of my own online presence. 
Through his amazing workshops, I've learned that trust, security and blind faith are not enough - and Roger shares invaluable insights into how to protect data, and overall, how to sleep better at night. 
Read his books, sign up for his webinars, follow him, or better yet, engage him in direct conversation. 
You will be fascinated by the depth and quality of his knowledge in this area.

Dixie C

Risk, compliance and governance

What are the digital and cyber risks to your organisation?
Do you understand the government and industry requirements around the breach process that can save you thousands in downtime, fines and financial loss

Systems, communication and coordination

Every business is unique!
The way you do business has created your place in the market.
You have been told that you can not do something this way or that with total disregard for your unique capability.
Yes, you need to be secure but not to the detriment of doing business.
Your business. Your risk. Your decision.

People, Education and Training

Your staff are going to be the first indication that something is happening behind the computer screen.
They are the ones that will see the computer is slow.
They will see inconsistencies. They need to be shown what a cyber event looks like and they also need to know what to do.
Your staff is the best defence against a cyber event if they are aware.

Technology and frameworks

How often have you purchased a technological solution only to find that it does not come with education, training, and understanding of best practice or ensuring that it does not become shelfware.
To get the best return on investment technology needs to be implemented within a business-defined framework.
The more stringent the framework the better the security.

Resilience and detection

No matter the situation there is a significant chance that with everything you have done you will still have a cyber event.
Your organisation needs to have the ability to get back to business as normal as fast as possible with the least amount of downtime.
In addition, you need to have the ability to track and report an attack within the network and business environment.

Continuous improvement

Implementing new cutting-edge technology, better business systems or greater revenue creation practices requires a redefinition of the business risks associated with that change.
To ensure that you can add or subtract a system with huge security implementation costs requires a system that allows it to happen.

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