Board Room Seminar

As a business owner/manager/board member, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the daily tasks and stress of running the organisation.   Often it feels like the moment you change focus the whole lot will simply stop working.

If you want to be truly successful you need to change your focus and take a break from the day to day operations and invest time and effort in looking at the big picture.  

This is an opportunity to work on your business/organisation not in it.

Most of the time working on the business focuses on the important areas like marketing, HR, accounts, social media and the legal side of today’s business world.

A significant issue, one seldom discussed, is digital risk and business security.   There are thousands of reasons why we do not focus on those risks but failing to focus on them can impact your organisation significantly.   You do not want your organisation to be an internet news item.

Everything in today’s business world has some digital component.  

That digital component delivers functionality and convenience to your organisation, but it also delivers significant risk through vulnerabilities, exploits, unseen errors or simply the interaction with humans.

The CareMIT Business Security Boardroom Seminar is designed to immerse you in the digital and cyber risks associated with all component of your business and to reduce the impact and significance of those risks.  

We know that every business is unique, and that uniqueness gives you the opportunity to work in your industry or niche.  

There is no cookie cutting here.

This seminar is intensive.

You will be expected to do things.   Your business, your view, your unique way of doing things cannot be replicated.

But I can guarantee that you will come away from the seminar with a game plan for digital risk and business security!

The CareMIT Business Security Boardroom Seminar is designed for you to:

  • Work on the Business security in your business environment in a structured way with us guiding you through the process.
  • To visualise the digital risks and drive your mitigation, reduction or redirection so that you minimise them, but you are still able to focus on your core business.
  • Give you working examples and samples of policies, processes, procedures and plans to define your organisations with the correct systems and protective strategies.
  • Develop people and education components to ensure the weakest link to your organisation is not your people.
  • To pick and choose the right technology and implement a stable and secure framework around your organisation.   We lead you through that process and show you how to use it.
  • Work out what you consider important to the business and help with DR, BC, and resilience.   We also increase your understanding around the detection process and why it is so important.
  • Finally, we use the framework to develop a continuous improvement process for your business.

Business and digital security is not a set and forget process.  It needs constant work and focus but security when done correctly does not need to be a full-time process.   It does, however, need constant vigilance.

We are running the boardroom seminar for a final time this year.   (See your official invitation).

I look forward to seeing you there.