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About Us

CareMIT was established after two business owners saw the potential to work together on a range of IT based services. Instead of one of the companies acquiring the other, a Memorandum of Understanding was created, that enabled both businesses to work separately with minimal disruption to existing client arrangements, and to approach new clients under the banner of CareMIT. The company is essentially a best of breed Customer Centric Services Provider.

Collectively, the amount of IT Hardware / Software / Security / Managed Services and Customer Service knowledge the company has would be well over 100 years.

Coupled with the faces and names in the company who are well known in many industries, this makes for a solid foundation of support and customer services.

CareMIT's mission is to provide exemplary support and services to small, medium and enterprise (SME) companies and Not for Profit organisations and charities.

Looking at clients as customers, and providing the levels of service that we’d like to receive.

Keep what you already have, as long as it allows you to work

CareMIT don’t want to replace the computers, servers and printers that you already have, if they are working and allowing you to run your business. We will evaluate the equipment already installed, and establish if it is of benefit to remain. CareMIT won’t decommission perfectly working computers, if the users are happy with their performance.

We will plan for the day that the computers will need to be replaced, and set up procedures and policies that allow these steps to be as easy and nonintrusive as possible.

If, however, the computers are really old, CareMIT will advise the best replacement based on value for money. We can also assist in recommending financial services to lower the impact of the cost of replacement.

We do this by utilising a local business finance broker, and getting them to assist you in the process of leasing. The reason that we use this local broker is that they have been in Canberra for a very long time, and have a solid reputation.

CareMIT have access to many different computer brands for software and hardware, as well as the ability to assemble specialised computer systems and servers as required.
As your IT needs change, CareMIT can assist you with the changes and advise you every step of the way.