Free 30 minute Business Security "one on one" discovery program

This is your time!

Ask the questions, What do you want to talk about?

What is your most pressing issue, problem or conundrum faceing the security of your organisation - right NOW!

You have completed the CareMIT Business security scorecard and you have been introduced to the CareMIT Business security system through our 90 minutes free Friday morning webinar but you are still not sure where to start down your better business security path!

Spend 30 minutes discussing your most pressing security issue or through our guided security process.

Helping you to better understand Business Security

Technology is just a part of the security puzzle

Technology is an important part of business cyber protection but there is so much more that is involved before you make the decision to purchase that system.

Before you purchse that technology have you addressed the following:
Risk, compliance and governance
Business systems, communication and colaboration
Staff training and education
Resilience and detection
and a continuous inprovement process.

1 Free Security outcome

The discovery process will deliver to you one actionable outcome that will improve you business security

Discussion based on YOUR organisation.

We ask you guided questions about your business and orgabnisation and only discuss how to improve your business.

The discovery process is designed so you can breakdown your business.

Focus on YOUR business outcomes.

Every organisation is unique.

To ensure that uniqueness we focus on your unique business security outcomes to ensure better security associated with your business..

Keep YOUR Business uniqueness.

When it comes to security it is no use a security company walking into your organisation and telling you you can only do it this way.

We have a saying "the risk is all yours". If you want to do something in a certain way

Build a roadmap for YOUR business.

Not only do your have one implementable outcome that you can apply directly to your unique business but we also supply you with a way forward to ensure you build security into your business capability.

The business security discovery program is designed to give Not for Profit organisations, non profit organisations and charities a fighting chance against the cybercriminal.

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